~ 2007   Testimonials  ~
   December 07'sFeature Family  

   ~ Mr. Jeeves & Miss Maggie ~

We're very happy we decided on two. They are great company for each other and fun to watch playing together.   

Our Vet declared the dogs very healthy. Great and thanks.
He felt your food recommendations were right on target. 
We had stool samples with us and they proved to be no problem.
They sleep in their nursery and most of the time we are around so they play in the family room. they are getting a lot of exercise. They enjoy most rough housing each other. We are not sure who will end up dominant. Time will tell.
You will be happy to know, their vet does not give Lepostprosis.
These puppies are great. We are very happy we found you. Paper training is near 100%. They have had their third series of shots. They love the fenced in back yard and take full advantage of the space to run and play.
     They get brushed each night with handling of their feet and brushing of teeth, sort of, so they are very willing to allow this activity. In fact they settle down for the night as a result of gentle brushing, Vermont "The Booths"
      November 07's Feature Family  

                           ~ Ziggy ~

     Ziggy (Jack) is doing great!  He's eating, slept in my bed last night (I couldn't let him cry too much), woke me up with kisses and is just a bundle of love.  Right now he's sleeping  under my desk at work!  So again, thank you for everything.  All the gifts and all the love you put into this mission of yours.  You are a wonderful girl and I wish you all good things.....Love, Lydia           What?????Ziggy is your nick name?????  Is that karma or what?  By the way, Ziggy loves to fetch stuff and bring it back to me.  I read in some book on shih tzu that they don't like to do that.  He's totally into it.  He's my complete pal.  Comes with me to the office everyday and loves it here.  And of course he's a hit with everyone.  I'm so happy all the time....it's great.   Have a wonderful Memorial Day week end and I'll write soon....Love, Lydia
     He's amazing!  He loves the outside so much and runs circles around everyone and everything. He's an expert at fetching.   He did great in puppy class even though he was a little shy with the other dogs at first.  By the end of the four weeks he was barking at all the dogs, big and small, and wanting to play and socialize. We will take more classes as soon as they get some smaller dogs for Ziggy to play with.   He walks next to me when on the leash and is very well behaved.  What can I say?  He's the best.  I wish I could add another one to my home, but right now that's not possible.  Know that you have one very happy SHIH TZU in New City, NY!!!!!     Hi , I've been looking at all the new babies and they are gorgeous!  I'm not ready to take on a second one yet but I want to tell you about all the raves little Ziggy is getting.  No matter where I go with him people stop to say how fantastic he is...and to ask where did I got him.  Even the Vet cannot get over the perfection of Ziggy.  I always tell them about you and give out your web site.  He's almost  seven months old and so smart that I can't believe it. I look at his grandma, Starlight, and his expression and face is exactly like hers   He's with me in the office every day and makes himself at home wherever I take him.  Thank you for bringing him into my life...  Hope all is well with you and your family, Love Lydia Zaris
  October 07's Feature Family

                 ~ Jingles ~

HI Laura we would be honored to be feature family of the month of October.  He was born on April 29,2000 and comes from a litter of 5 being the only male in the bunch. We adopted him on July 11,2000. He was just the cutest little fur ball ever!! I feel it was really meant to be for him to become a part of our family. He has brought nothing but joy & happiness to us.  We were very proud when Jingles was featured in the 2004 Dog Fancy Calendar. He is quite the little ham.  When ever he sees Mom with the camera he is ready to pose. In April 2005 Jingles had a huge birthday party with one of his siblings Martha Rose it was so much fun.  In the summer of 2005 we tried to plan a family reunion with the 5 pups and were only able to get together with 3. It was Jingles, and two of his four sisters Martha Rose & Samantha.  Bernadette & Misty were unable to attend. Well now Jingy (as we call him) is 7 years old and still is as playful and full of energy as  the first day we brought him home. We just can't imagine our lives without him.  Anyone out there who is considering adopting a Shih Tzu GO FOR IT!! You will never regret your decision.                                                Brenda Rome, N.Y.----- -
"It's all about him" What a Charmer,

Click button below to Read more about Jingles and his family Reunion, including the story of meeting Sister Martha Rose.

                           more info.

September 07's Feature Family
                ~ Elizabeth ~
Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that Elizabeth (who I now call Libby) is doing great!  She's very mellow and quiet, although she does bark a little bit at some noises in the hallway (just one or two barks, and quiet ones, only about once or twice a day).  Yesterday she stayed by herself for over an hour while I went to the gym, and she was fine.  Today I'm going to try two trips out of the apartment and see how she does.  She's also getting better about walking on her leash, but she still does plant herself down on the sidewalk in the middle of walks.  She's a little nervous around other dogs but I'm working hard to show her that they're nice and it's okay for them to approach. 
I also wanted to say thank you!  Libby is turning out to be the perfect puppy for me!  She's so well behaved and sweet and adorable!  People are constantly stopping me on the street to comment on how beautiful she is.  And she has not had a single accident in my apartment!  She goes to the bathroom outside about half the time, and then she's great about using her wee wee pad.  We're going to the vet on Friday and the groomer on Sunday.  I will keep you posted... Jaime (N.Y.C.)
      August 07's Feature Family   ~ Nicky & Darla ~

       Just thought I'd drop you a little note and let you know that they are both doing great.  Darla (Silver) is super friendly and now Nicky (Marble) more outgoing. 

     They are always together, its the sweetest thing.  The kids love them, and they love to cuddle with the kids. 

         We all love them so much! Nicky and Darla are both doing great.  We all love them to pieces.  Darla is a total sweetheart.  Nicky is too, for the most part.  lol But he has no problem letting you know when he wants to be left alone!  lol  Darla was groomed today, just a clean up and trim.  Nicky was groomed last week.  He got a much shorter cut though.  Enjoy, Sabrina     Runyan & Family

July 07's Feature Family

             ~ Deigo ~

          He is very happy and very spoiled! Looking at the picture of the day we brought him home and how he is now is insane! well here u go i hope u like yes this picture was taken just about 3 weeks ago! in our new home that we bought! He is so very happy because he can run around the house! He gets  his last shot Friday and then to the groomer he goes! I just wanted to let u know that he is doing great! He is the biggest cuddle bug in the world and he tries to sleep with us but he is still a little to little. Thank you so much for giving this blessing to us! We came in got him through a blizzard on Feb. 14 and on that day i received a son! thank you so much for the love you gave him before we were able to bring him home! That truly is the best Valentine's Day present ever.   DeAnna

  June 07's Feature Family  

                 ~ Sebastian ~

      All is well. Thought you might like an update.     Sebastian has healed nicely from his surgery. (neutering) He is as energetic and happy
as ever! He has made some new friends with some of the other pups in the neighborhood and is getting used to traveling in the car .(he still gets a little carsick, but he's getting better)                 He's definitely a comfortable member of our family!
Anyhow, hope all is well over in Sonshine Shih Tzu land.
Here are some of the most recent pics of "Johan Sebastian Bark"

Take Care, and thanks again for EVERYTHING-We are truly BLESSED!!
The Weeks Family                                                     
     May 07's Feature Family  

                 ~ Marley ~

      I just wanted to send a note to let you know how wonderful Marley is doing ( Pesto).  Everyone in our family is just so in love with Marley.  He is such an intelligent little guy and he has learned to sit, lay down, shake hands, drop it and stay with very little training.  He loves playing fetch as well.

    From the get-go he was paper trained and over the winter he had very few ‘accidents’.  Once he was all caught up on his shots, we gradually transitioned him to taking walks and doing his business outside and he caught on like a champ and loves prancing around the neighborhood.  He loves everyone and my husband takes him everywhere he can.  Marley loves riding in the car and visiting friends with Dad and when my husband went the hardware store last week without Marley everyone asked for him.  The kids are convinced that he’s the cutest dog in the whole world and I tend to agree with them. 

For the past few months, Marley’s been sleeping in bed with us at night and he’s such a cuddle bug!  He especially likes his morning belly rub.  Everyone who meets him comments on what a wonderful little guy he is and we just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful gift.  Thank you!   Kris Moses    PS  I got a real kick out of finding that one of his ‘brothers’ is named Barley.

           April 07's Feature Family                       

                       ~ Sophie ~
         Thanks so much for Sophie!
She is the light of our lives. We love her so much! She loves everyone! She is very intelligent and knows a variety of tricks. She loves her toys and especially her "Loofa". She is so unique and special in her own ways. She gets sad, if I leave her to go to a friends house, she gets happy when I come home from school. Sometimes she gets the "zooms" and runs like a wild beast around the house. But we all love her. Sophie is spoiled rotten. She has two beds and about fifty toys.  I am glad that Sophie lives with us, and that we will have her for years to come.              Thanks for breeding Super Shih-Tzus!  
    Kate, Brett, and Laura           (Oneida, N.Y.)

 March 07's Feature Family

             ~ Oreo ~

    Christmas was a huge success.  Oreo is the most loved puppy around.  The
girls kiss him goodnight and tell him how much they love him each night     :-)
     He is gorgeous!  Even my Grandmother who is not a dog lover loves him.  He is definitely a clown like you told us; very entertaining.     

     Oreo is FABULOUS!  We all love him.  

  He even won over my husband who was skeptical. Potty training has gone great.   The vet said he is very healthy and has a great temperament!   He is a big boy :-)  He loves our morning and afternoon runs.  He loves to be outside and he loves to visit his Nana and Papa,  Even the girls at the groomer's say he is one of their favorites already!  He is definitely the perfect pup for this family! Thanks for everything.      Kelly & Oreo

      February 07's Feature Family

     "Gizmo is doing well, and melts everyone's hearts".

       Looking back a year ago, David and I were driving up to Syracuse to pick up a little puppy Shih Tzu. Little did we know he would bring such joy and love to our family, friends, and our own lives. We saw little Gizmo grow from 1.2 to 13 pounds, switch from paper-train to potty-train outside, graduate from puppy kindergarten, learn to walk up and down the stairs, and melt everyone's hearts. He's famous and the favorite dog around our neighborhood, he knows how to get one's attention. He's also quite the smart, naughty little dog (figured out how to push the dining room chair out, jump into the chair,  then on the table to steal food!), but one look at him, and you can't help but laugh.  Thanks! Our Best,   Amy Chen and David Lau    

            January'07's Feature Family   ~ Co Co ~

        "I wanted you to know that your dogs are the top of the line, first class all the way".

1-6-07     Our holiday picture for 2006.  CoCo has a crown on as she is our Princess and continues to bring us unconditional joy and love.  We never imagined we would become total "dog" people with an array of leashes, coats, sweaters, collars, carriers, etc., etc.  Ever our daughters Lynnel from Houston and Laurel from Ft. Lauderdale brought her Christmas presents.    Your puppies are the best! 

God Bless you.  Peter, and Rosa Bifora, Mohawk, NY.
    10-25-05      This is our CoCo, if you remember, we bought her from you and your mother just before she made her final move to Florida.  We picked her up in Sylvan Beach and your Mom and I both went to Grace Downs and that was a real coincidence.  CoCo is the joy of our lives and we don't know what we did without her.  She is just like a little person and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.  We have talked on the phone a while ago, but I wanted you to know that your dogs are the top of the line, first class all the way.          

                                   ~ Stella ~

 I purchased a seven month old puppy from Anne 
about 3 and a half years ago.  She's doing 
wonderful!  I've attached a picture of Stella, who has
become my other half.  I don't even consider 
her a pet...she's like a child :)  I'm wondering 
what brand of dog food you recommend.  I couldn't 
remember what she was eating when I got her from Anne. 
Answer: We use Pro Plan (Now) for the past few years, 
before that we feed Sensible Choice. Both are excellent. Thank,     Tanya 		

                                    ~ Dallas & River ~

My little boy is like my baby so sweet and loving great temperament, he likes to play but if your in the mood to just cuddle he will love you right back he is just so sweet it is really to hard to put into words when I come home he greets me but not with barking he will jump up and down like here, I am. They are just great big hearts covered in fur and I do know when it is time for another I will be getting it from Sonshine Shih Tzus. They have beautiful fur babies; they are perfect in everyway from there looks to their heart. I think they are just a wonderful and have filled my families life with joy...(2005 Angie)

This dog is Blue and the coloring takes many stages to change and become so beautiful.

Just wanted to say thanks for our second  baby,  Angela

 Baby River makes two Sonshine Shih Tzus in our home.

                                                     ~ Sally ~
        We just wanted to share our little prize Shih Tzu with you.  We visited Anne three years ago this July.  We purchased our Shih Tzu for our daughter's third birthday.  She has brought us so much joy.  Every where we go, everyone asks us where did we get her and very fast and very proud we announce Anne's puppies.  Everyone comments on how she is smaller than their or other Shih Tzu's they meet, again we proudly say that's because she is an Anne's Puppy.  Sally is her name and she has the best temperament.  Her personality is so adorable.  We can't imagine life without her

        She enjoys morning walks to the bus stop with our 12 year old son and even our 17 year old son looks for her after school or when we bring her to pick him up from school.  Sally goes just about everywhere with us.  Elisabeth is our daughter and she just adores Sally and Sally just adores Elisabeth.  They are always together, when Elisabeth comes home from school.  Mom and Dad enjoy her too.  When Dad comes home she is happy to play with him too, to lift his spirits from a busy day.  Sally will follow me throughout the house when we're home alone and rest in the room where mom is cooking or working.  Sally also enjoys snuggling with mom on the couch for a rest from their busy day.  The cats, which we had before Sally enjoy the entertainment too.  Sally will listen for them and then pounce around in a half circle to interact with them.  The cats will look for Sally to engage in the entertainment.(2005)

            Here is a photo of Elisabeth's first look at Sally in Anne's house.  Thank you for brightening our lives.

   ~ Camie Marie ~  My parents owned an Anne's Puppy and we wanted one just like theirs.  
    Just wanted to send a note to let you know that Camie Marie is doing very good!!  It took her two nights to get settled in.  She has such a happy go lucky attitude and has made herself right at home and part of the family.
    We decided to crate her at night in our room and during the day she is in her play pen.  She is doing well with the wee pads and newspaper.  We are not yet sure if we are going to have her go potty outside or just use the wee pads.  We live on a very busy corner and just don't want to take a chance.
     Thanks so much for all of your help and as soon as I can figure out how use the digital camera, I will send you some pictures of her!  Do you still have the picture of us when we picked her up? Thanks again,
Michelle (2006)

  ~  Tinkerbell  ~

     Tinkerbell has been with me 6 weeks now and what a joy, she is. She's very bright and a quick learner. She can go up the stairs I bought to get on the couch. My sister made her an antique "Tinkerbell" bedding for her to nap on when she sleeps at night. My mom is considering getting a puppy from you- going to show her the next litter, when they arrive. She babysat for 5 days and did not want to give her back to me. Laura ( New Hartford, NY)

         I don't blame her for wanting to keep Tinkerbell, she is a precious girl.

                ~ Aladin ~  

He is wonderful!  He is a great puppy!  He is getting along great with our Bischon.  Our Bischon, Cinderella, is still depressed about losing her sister but she is treating Aladin very well.

He is just sooooo cute, and seems to be fitting in nicely.  
    Cinderella and he seem to have reached kind of a peaceful co-existence, 
even though they are not really friends yet.  He is a very pleasant puppy 
with a wonderful personality; not too crazy, but just playful enough 
for the perfect pup!!!  We will keep you posted.  We have been off of 
work since last Thursday, so it's good to make sure he is fine before we 
go back to work/school.  Thanks again, Denise & family (UTICA)







                 ~ Barley ~

        Hope your Christmas was Merry. I just wanted to let you know Alfredo (now known as Barley) with Alfredo being his middle name is doing just great; this little guy just fits right in with our family. He is an absolute joy to have in our home and is loved very much.

      P.S. I’ve given your name to our vet in case they know someone looking for a Shih Tzu. He thought Barley was a sturdy well bread puppy.           Thank You for the little guy.

                                    Andy Caruso, A.S. Caruso Construction

               ~ Sadie ~
Hi!  Sadie is doing so great!  I sent some pictures!  
She seems to love her new home! She loves to hide under the couch, stick her head 
out, and watch what is going on.  She also loves to sleep under pillows 
(she really likes hiding her head).  She is running and jumping and 
playing with her toys and our other dog (although our other dog is not 
quite used to the new addition yet).  She is such a cuddlier and she 
absolutely loves to give kisses!  
She wags her tail a lot! 
 I think she really likes it 
   Thanks! Talk to you soon!