~ 2006   Testimonials  ~ 
               Special Update                       ~ Raisin ~

         I promised I would send pictures of our Raisin. He is a very happy puppy. Doctor said he is very healthy. I hope you like these pictures. The are from a few days ago, which means he is 10 weeks old now. May-be you'll put them on your website. Let me know what you think. Thanks!           Jennifer (2005)                


Updated pictures of Raisin full grown now. We took him on a trip to Arizona. He flew and went on a house boat. I can not thank you enough for him. He is my soul.  

Jennifer (2006)

                          ~ Chester~

            I had bought Patches over the summer. His new name is Chester and he is the love of our lives. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog he is. He loves his big brother Bello (our German Shepard) and his little brother Ren ( our cat). We are so blessed to have him as part of our family he brings a smile to our face everyday. I wish I had pictures to send but I still haven't figured out how to do that on the computer yet.

I wanted to let you know I talk about your dogs all the time and what wonderful bloodlines you have. Come to find out my brother in law has one of your dogs to ( he worked at the airport where you fly your dogs out of) and he loves his dogs too.  Thanks again,    Michelle  (2005) 

           ~  Hershey ~

          Hershey is doing fine.  He is making himself right at home.  Yes, I do feel like a new mom.  He is already on his way to being spoiled.  He is eating and drinking well and he seems to prefer to have his paper near the back door. 

               We feel so blessed to have found him.         Sincerely,   Mary

    Hi ,  I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Hershey is doing.  He has adjusted to his new family just fine.  He gets along with our other dogs, esp. my Mother's Shih Tzu Tootsie!  He is a joy to have around.  He has not taken the place of our beloved Sadie, but he has certainly helped ease the pain of loosing her.  Our Vet. has never seen a chocolate colored Shih Tzu.  She thinks that he is beautiful.  Thanks again. Sincerely,   Mary

    Bennie &  Tiki                          

       He is doing fabulous, we all love him dearly. 

 The kids love when he gets all "spunked up" & runs a million miles around the house!  He never tires of all the kisses he gets either!

I  hope you enjoy the pictures.Warm regards, Laurie Udicious & family & BENNIE!Special Update
   Bennie gets a sister  ~Tiki ~
Tiki is doing absolutely wonderful!  
She and Bennie love each other soo much.  They
 play so cute together!

~ Zoe ~

   Zoe went to the vet today...she's healthy. She weighs 3lbs now... they said she looks great and she does... I'll attach a newer picture of her to this email!     Sarah

~Bailey~ Chloe & Petie ~

    I have been very busy....

Bailey is doing great and we enjoy him soo much.  I hope all

is well.  Attached are some pictures of Bailey.

Talk to you soon!    Ashley  (2005)       All is well with the new puppies...They are all growing up to have suchgreat personalities.  They three of them get along so well now.  Here's a great picture of the three of them.  I think Chloe is going to be tan with a black face because of the coloring coming up underneath the gray.  Assoon as she gets her next shots on Thursday.  They are getting their hair cut.  So I'll send more pictures soon.  My mom loves Petie.  Thanks forthe money order.  Talk to you soon.  Ashley (2006) (Long Island)

           ~ Prince ~

Just wanted to let you know that Turf (Prince) is doing so well.
Eating, sleeping and playing well, and going on newspaper!
We, too, believe that God led us to just the right pup for our family.
Please tell your mom that we were blessed to read her testimony.

We  love Jesus, too. Blessings-Jeanie

    Special Update  ~ Ozzy ~


I wanted to write and give you an update on Ozzy.  He is such a joy to have around.  He is learning very quickly and he is so happy.  We went earlier this week to the vet and she said that he is healthy and up to date on everything.  He was a chap when he got his shot.  He didn’t make a peep.  We love him so much and are so happy that we have him in our lives. 

   Thank you for raising such a good pup.  Good luck with your next litter.

 Here is a picture at 10 weeks.

              Dena and Andy  Rochester, NY


          Attached is a picture of Ozzy at 1 year and another one is of Me, Andy and Ozzy on Christmas morning.  If you look in the background you will see the orange dinosaur that was part of your homecoming package.  That is his favorite toy!!   (1-2007)





~ Gizmo ~

Here are some updated pictures of my little Gizmo (Tootsie & Buddy 6/10/05 litter) I love her so much. She has been a great addition to our family.-Gizmo's mom, Julie What a cutie !!!

Special Update- Here are some updated pics of my little Gizmo (Tootsie and Buddy 6/05). She is 1 1/2 years old now and is 7 pounds. She is just the perfect size to carry everywhere and spoil.-Julie

                                                                             ~ Molly ~

          Hey, thanks for talking to me the other morning.   You asked about her retrieving balls and bringing them back to me.  She does that and loves doing it!!  Maybe if you having a mating of her parents sometime next year and get a male pup from that litter, that may be great.  "She is such a good girl".  I will send a picture of her in her new little teddy bear cut. 
Shelby is Owned by Donna at Briarcliff Shih Tzus and co- owned by me (breeder).       

     ~ Sonshines Steppin on Stars at Briarcliff~

     Shelby is doing well, he has adjusted nicely to our family and my other 3 Shih Tzus. His personality is to die for and he is a healthy happy Shih Tzu. He is smart, loyal, loving and a fast learner, his favorite thing to do is to take my hand in his mouth and hold it, no biting involved. I heard somewhere it is a sign of love from a  dog.  Donna

1  st place in Puppy Class (6-8 months)@ Syracuse...November 19, 2005.

1 st place in Puppy Class (6-8 months) @ Syracuse...November 20, 2005

I have enjoyed every minute with Shelby and Donna.

           ~ Ozzie ~
He is just great!!! I can't tell you what a
 good boy he is. He just goes with the flow.  He is 
getting the going outside thing pretty good.  I wish the other dogs would 
adjust to him as fast as he has adjusted to them.  He is such a spit fire. My mom said we 
should have probably called him Sparky because when he gets 
going it is like someone put a new spark plug in.  
I will be sure to tell anyone I know who 
is looking for a Shih Tzu to come 
see you. Thank you again. Kristin  (Smarty Jones)

               ~ Tiny Tim ~

            What an absolute delight my little Tiny Tim (Ray) is to me. We have all fallen in love with him. He sure is a cuddlier! He and Bella play so nicely together. It is hard for me to get anything done because I want to spend the day watching them. I can't Hardly wait for my Vet to see him. They will fall in love. Thanks so much, Chery

Special Update        ~Hana & Kona ~
                   The puppies have been getting along very well. 	
 Hana loves to run and have Kona chase her and tackle her - and visa versa.

They give each other kisses in addition to their play “fighting”. Kona loves to sit in lap and he will crawl right up to your chin , if you let him. Hana loves to have her belly rubbed. I do think Kona is the more dominate dog, but Hanna is keeping right up him, They really enjoy each other. Thanks for everything, Mary

(2-07)Hanna and Kona are doing very well. They love being outside and playing in the in the snow .They have started obedience school and are learning quickly. We are so happy we got two dogs they keep each other happy and busy. Mary

                        ~ Chip ~

      Finally have a moment to send you an update on Chip.  He couldn't be doing better and is still the best little guy.  Everyone who sees him falls immediately in love.  Had him at the Vet again on Saturday. He weighs 4 lbs and got his 2nd shot (didn't even flinch - he's a real tough guy).  Also had him rechecked for the fecal parasite & he's fine.    Love from me and Chip,                     Karen (2005)

      He quickly became the love of my life and we're almost inseparable.

      He comes to work with me most days & spends weekends out at my house.    (2006)                           


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