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  December'09s Feature Family

 ~ Argentina ~    

I'm Josefina Scaglione and I'm going to get the little Argentina. She'll be now Morena Argentina, because of her dark hair. :)
Just for you to know a little bit about me, I'm a singer and actress I was born in Argentina and I live here since December of last year. I came to work on a Broadway musical, I'm the leading of West Side Story's revival.

I had two shis tzus, I'm crazy about dogs, and this kind is my favorite.
I need it because it's a way of givin love and it helps me missing a little bit less my country and feeling some company with me. I was looking for one and I find her, with her name and I said.. that's her! by the way why did you named her like that? Have you been to Argentina? I can't wait to see her.

Hello Laura! she's doing great....look at her in the picture.
she sleeps by my side, she's learning everything and having fun with me :)
thank you! hope you're great too.   Josefina
Sonshine's Special : Thanks for the Sibling  




Ziggy gets a sister -They are admired wherever I go and give me so much happiness that I will forever be grateful to you! Stay well, Love, Lydia.  Lol

Molly gets a sister -Mandy

November '09s Feature Family

~ 'Cuse ~

I just wanted to let you know how things are going with "Geneva" ('Cuse).  He is growing well and has found a definite place in our home with our 2 girls and the children.  'Cuse and our German Shepard are quite the duo and 'Cuse is thriving in his new environment.
      He is now 5 1/2 months old and over 7 pounds.  Healthy and happy.  Attached is a before the groomer picture and an after....talk about a change.  He is mostly housebroken, but we some days find it more challenging.  He loves to play and has become vocal only when he wants to sit on the couch with us.  He is the perfect addition to our family.

  Updated-11-09  I was skeptical about the claim that 'Cuse would be non-shedding, non-yippy, and not lift his leg to urinate.  But EVERYTHING that is stated on Laura's website is true with our 'Cuse.  He does not yip, shed or lift his leg.  He is a perfect puppy - the potty training does take a while, but with patience and constant monitoring he trained us to his schedule.  All the best to you and your family, Penny Power

October '09  Feature Family

~ Poppy ~

We absolutely adore her.  We're calling her Poppy now and she's really been "blossoming."  She loves Dude, my folks' gold and white Shih tzu and he's adopted the title of mentor quite willingly.  Tonka is a bit warier, but I know he'll come around. 
Thanks for letting me know about Poppy's papers.  She's doing great!  She's a sweet little girl and has managed to wrap myself and my husband around
her pinkie (or toe in this case).  She has a loving personality and adores meeting other small dogs and people in general, including kids.  She's being spoiled rotten with enough toys to stock a pet store and we're diligently working on socializing her.   She just had her first experience wading in water yesterday and I actually just finished up giving her a bath.  I'll attach a couple of pictures for you.  :)  We've had quite a few people inquire about her and we were approached in Wal-Mart, today by a couple that has a 7 year old gold and white male. They're looking to add another shih to their family.  The man in particular loved her coloring, they were given a card ;so you may hear from them! 
Thank you again!   Sarah and Dennis 
 What a cutie, we are so glad she has you.

September '09 Featured Family

Sunny gets a Brother ~ Skyler !

* We had such a great day and everyone had a wonderful  time, our dogs are so tiered they passed out. I just wanted to send you a note to say "Thank You" for the wonderful event you put together on Saturday.  We had a wonderful time.  It was a lot of fun to talk to all the other owners of the wonderful Shih Tzu puppies that were raised by you and your family.  Your hard work and dedication to what you do has truly touched a lot of lives.  Toni and I were so down last summer after losing our wonder dog Spunky and were very fortunate to find your site on the internet making it possible to bring (Pears) Sunshine, into our life.  That is why we named her as we did. 

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that Skyler is doing great!  He is a wonderful dog!  His personality is much different than Sunny... he is like a big goof ball sometimes (and I mean that in a nice way)!  They get along great.... They are best buddies.  They walk great together but I still take them for walks alone too....  Sunny particularly wanted this when we first brought him home.   And sometimes it is just easier... you can't take a cup of coffee and walk two dogs!  But when they are together they walk side by side... unless they are in a playful mood!  When they are in the field they will play.. but when we get to the stretch of road we walk on to finish the loop... they seem to realize this and walk really good.  They also like to visit and play with the neighbors dogs! Take care and God Bless..... Toni and Joel Holland
And now we have Sun and Sky! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that Skyler is doing great!  He is a wonderful
August's '09 Feature Family

"Bows & Buttons (Twins), Zeus, Bailey

Thank you so much for a really nice weekend.  Steve and I loved seeing all the dogs and spending time with you and your family wasn't half bad either!!  We really enjoyed Friday's nights cookout and Saturday's taste of Sylvan Beach.  Hopefully we can return the favor if you head this way again. We would love to have you over. Your "Dog Day Afternoon" (that is what I am calling it :0) ) was such a lovely event, I think everyone had a great time, you really did out did yourself!

Hope you were able to get some rest today...Let's keep in touch! Dina

Your "Dog Day Afternoon" (that is what I am calling it :0) ) was such a lovely event, I think everyone had a great time, you really did out did yourself! Thank you so much for a really nice weekend.  Steve and I loved seeing all the dogs and spending time with you and your family wasn't half bad either!! -Update; Bailey was a very special puppy who found the perfect home. Dina has 4 of our puppies and handles them like a pro. I have found these pictures and wanted to add them with the twins and Zeus.  If your in Delaware keep your eyes open at the beach you just may see this clan and more.

        July's 09 Feature Family        ~ Dakota ~      (2009)

    "Rocket Dogs" join us for 40 Reunion! Shih Tzu rides across country......Keep your eyes out for Dakota.

He never leaves home without 'em. Avid biker and town of Glen resident -Frank Buckman, who was at the South Side Stewart's shop on Tuesday with his Triumph motorcycle and his constant riding companions, Dakota, a Shih Tzu, and Buddy, a shepherd mix, said he and his dogs have logged around 5,000 miles on his current "set-up," which features a special "kennel" car for Buddy and a doggie bike seat for Dakota. They trio have logged around miles together on trips from Washington, D.C., to Laconia, N.H.

  Dakota's mom was our beloved "Tootsie". He is from the litter of twins. We are so Blessed to have such wonderful families own our dog.   (12 / 2005)

He's adorable.  We're really enjoying him. Thanks again, Linda 


 He'll be 6 months old on Dec. 10.  He's adorable--he makes us laugh all the time.   He loves our big dog, Buddy, and they're getting along really well now.  Dakota likes popcorn and it's fun to share with him when I have some.  He's so gentle when he takes a piece from me.  Hope you have a great Christmas and holiday season.  Best, Linda(2006)


June's '09 Feature Families 40 th Get together 


Hi Laura - just a little note to let you know how much fun Mikey and I had at your  Doggie Reunion. It is obvious you put a lot of time and effort into this event. You and your family did a great job! The dogs were great...I met some really wonderful people. Mikey got to reconnect with his brother-(didn't seem to impress either of them).... I like your idea about next year - it will make it a lot easier for you, Thx again...Debbie Punch

* What a great idea and fun party! Thanks so much for inviting us. We all had a good time. Cheryl, Sam, Neko and Maddie

* Laura, well it came and went and it was a big success!! You did a wonderful job with the 40th Gathering. I know we had a great time and I'm sure I can speak for others who attend as well. All the pups behaved like little angels for heaven. Thanks to you and your family for all you did. Pat, Brenda, & Jingles Castelli       I was really surprised on how all the dogs got along so well. No Barking, No fighting or Growling just alot of friendly sniffing going on. It was an event we won't forget- Hopefully we could get together again-

 I will be adding a link to pictures soon. I want to thank everyone for coming. We are talking about doing it again next year. But I would skip the games and have everyone bring a dish to pass. We will have doggie treats and gift to all who attend.


       May's '09 Feature Family ( Oldie but a Goodie)

           ~ Fudge  & Scooter ~

 I hope you have a wonderful season. Fudge is doing very well. He has us wrapped around his little paw. He's such a happy boy. It did not take long to spoil him. We are still working on bathroom outside. At least he uses his pee pads in the house. He hates the snow. I will have to bring him by this spring. Everyone who sees him loves him. P.S. A guy who works with my husband has Brownie. We are going to get together for a play date after Fudge gets fixed. Take care, Melissa  (2005)

 Scooter(2 nd puppy).  He went to the vet today.  He weighs 4 lbs. already.  We thought he looked like
he was getting bigger and I guess he is.  Fudge really loves him. 
They are pals.  It's so cute when Scooter is in his crate, Fudge lays right next to it until he is let out.
He is extremely healthy.

April 09's Feature Family

~  Bellini  ~

    Here is a picture of "Helens" with her new brothers and sister.  We named her Bellini which means little beautiful one.  We all love her and my daughter wants another puppy.  She is doing really well with housetraining.  She actually sits by the door to go outside.  Thank you very much.  Some family and friends may be contacting you in the near future to purchase a puppy.  Anyone who has seen her has fallen in love with her. The Raucci Family

March'09s Feature Family       ~ Crimson ~

    Crimson is doing great. We love him so much. He's such a welcome addition to our family. I know I owe you a photo of all of us but I'm always the one taking the photos. I have to have a neighbor come over. I will do that soon.
We do plan to come on June 13th. Thanks so much, Susan Lucky Charm love- Who says you can't play dress-up with a boy  -Shih Tzu!!

  Febuarys'09 Feature Family   ~ Bella ~

Let me tell you about our "Bella" she is our little girl! 
We love her so very much we would like to personally thank you for raising such beautiful, loveable good naturered puppies...
Bella was fully trained at 3 months.  She never barks but will talk to us or growl if the kids are mauling her but mostly she loves to follow us everywhere, give hugs and kisses and play with her toys.
She loves to be fussed over and knows she is beautiful when she gets her baths and hair bows in.. She loves to ride in the car and wants to go everywhere with us.  Her favorite trip is to the grandchildren's homes and boy do they love her to pieces.
To have such a healthy happy little girl just makes every day a joy!  Now to talk "Dad" into a play mate for Bella that is my goal for 2009 so Laura you keep letting me know when you have new arrivals so I can find that very special one that will melt Butch's heart - Bella wants a playmate!  Susan Candee, (Oneida, NY)

 Jan.'09s Feature Family   ~ Riley ~  He's defiantly living the "Life of Riley"

  We told our friends how happy, he makes us. So they bought one too. We are all so in love with our puppies. Keep your eyes open you may just see Riley out on the water this summer. He is such a great mate and always wears his water preserver.                                     Up date 1-09
I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since we brought Riley home with us (His birth-name was “Clydesdale”).  Our lives changed forever that night, in such a wonderful way.   Dan and I both had dogs growing up, but never in our adult lives.  We don’t have any children, and we boat all summer, so we were somewhat hesitant about bringing a dog into our lives, but I’ve got to tell you, it’s the best thing we ever did!!  Riley is truly the love of our lives, and pretty much goes with us wherever we go.  Our list of “dog-friendly” places keeps growing and growing. Besides going to all the pet stores in town, he enjoys our visits to Home Depot, Gander Mountain, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Skiffs, which is a bar in the Thousand Islands!!  No matter where we go, people can’t resist him, and they all say he’s the cutest dog they’ve EVER seen!!

          We want to thank you for raising such wonderful pups – not only is he the picture of health, but he’s so smart as well, it’s almost scary!! Riley was house-trained within a week, and was virtually “accident-free” all during his puppy-hood.  It’s like he understands everything we say to him.  He could have 10 toys spread out on the floor, and if you tell him to go get a particular one, he does!!  He tilts his head when you’re talking to him, as if to fully grasp what it is you’re trying to say.  He has quite the "personality", and is truly our “baby boy”!!

        Riley absolutely LOVES going to the boat every weekend.  All you have to say is “boat” and he goes crazy!!  After a busy day on the water, he ends up sleeping on my lap in the evening by the fire.   He's definitely "slow" come Monday - it usually takes him a few days to recover from all the fun he’s had over the weekend.  See, weekends are for dogs too!! Thanks again for bringing Riley into our lives – we can’t imagine life without him!!
               He’s truly living the “Life of Riley”!!      Lynn & Dan Sturtz


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