~ 2008 Testimonials  ~  
            December 2008  Happy Holidays    Second Puppy from Anne's Puppies~

                  Update -3rd Puppy

Hi Laura,
    Remember us,  We purchased "Sparkles" who is now Lily Woo. We also purchased Keiko from your Mom. Well, you won't believe this, but we are thinking about a third puppy.  We love the looks of the puppy you have for sale named "Radiant", The reason we would love to have another puppy from Sonny and Starlight is because we just love Lily's disposition (and her size) altho, we have since discovered after looking at their papers that Keiko and Lily are full sisters, and yet have totally different personalities, so I guess the same parents don't necessarily guarantee a certain personality. Keiko is kind of high strung, and Lily is just so "laid back"...but we adore them both. Please let us know as soon as possible, what our options may be. Thank you, and God Bless, Tom & Patrick.

                 Lily & Keiko

They get along fantastic. Picture 4, she’s all pooped out! She is growing like a weed, isn’t she? They were both groomed last Monday, but you would never know it…they play so hard that the bows don’t last long! We are enjoying her so much. I am trying to talk a fellow co-worker into an “anne’s puppy” , but they are considering a standard poodle YUK! I told her a Shih Tzu is a much better choice, they don’t shed, are not yappy...(like poodles..) and just better all round…oh well, she will have to learn the hard way. Take care, God Bless, Tom

November  08's Feature Family


         I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have given you an update on "Candy".  We came and purchased "Candy" from you back in January '07. We renamed her Gracie and she is doing so well.

   She is such an amazing dog, everything we could have possibly asked for. She is so playful and full of love, and thank God, healthy as can be.

     I wanted to send you some pictures of her-some are from when we first got her home and other are of her more recently. Don't worry-I don't routinely let her play with a pacifier-I know it could be dangerous for her-she just got a hold of one and I snapped the picture. It was very funny!

She will be celebrating her first birthday on November 23rd. We spoil her of course. She sleeps in our bed every night and pretty much gets whatever she wants. I just wanted to thank you so much for her.

She brings so much joy and love into our lives!  Mike and Lindsey Bellino, Brewer, N.Y.

October  08's Feature Family ~ Penny ~

*This says it all...So cute! We wish you many, many more years of love!

Dear Laura,  What could I write about Penny. Have you got a few days seriously, I could go on forever. Penny is the luckiest Penny I ever picked up. She's lovable, cute, intelligent, mischief, a tease & I wouldn't change a hair on her sweet little body.

    This summer Penny discovered the art of Blueberry picking, On our walks to  Buck Pond  she would run through the Bushes picking  the Blueberries. If we could just teach her to drop them in a basket instead of eating them. She is a hit wherever we go. She loves going to the vets, she loves to get groomed, what more could one ask, just one thing, I think we should have called her COOKIE. She learned that word  from day one. We have to spell that word  out in our house. Have a great Thanksgiving & Penny says Hi to her Mommy & Daddy

          September's  08 Double Feature Families

    ~ Sunshine ~

        We are very glad you suggest that we purchase the play pen.  It is not something, I would have done as we did not use anything like that with Spunky when he was a puppy.  But for Sunny it has been working out great.  She adapted to it just like she did the area you had built for them at your house.  The only concern we had was that the area under the door was a little high off the floor.  We were afraid with her short legs that she would scratch her tummy on it.  We ended up turning the whole thing upside down so that the door goes clear to the floor.  If you were using it that way for a bigger dog it might lose some stability, but with her being small it works just fine.The first pictures we sent you we had just set it up in the living room.  The second day we moved it to the bedroom and she sleeps in it at night just fine, and goes in it when we go out of the house. We are so happy we found you and our Sunshine.  As you can see she is getting along well with Mercedes.    ......Toni and Joel*Everyone ask about cats...Seems like best-friends to me. Pears and Peaches :)


Well, it has been 2 weeks since we brought Mitzy home. She is doing great. We took her to a puppy class (Syracuse Obedience Training Club). As you might figure she was the smallest one, but that didn’t stop her. She is the smartest dog I've ever met. I do every thing by hand signals. She gets it perfect every time (with some exceptions).  So far she can do sit, down, stand, come, and circle into a heel position.  Mitzy is able to hold it all night but in the morning when we come down she rushes to the papers we have set up in the Florida room, which by the way she loves. We have taken her every where! We took her to my grandma’s house, to the nursing home where my other grandma is; we took her to the park for a concert, and many more places. She is the best little dog when it comes to people and children.  We just wanted to tell you that you were right about how buying your things are cheaper then going to the pet store we went there to look and get some soft treats for her to train with, because it takes her too long to eat hard treats. We discovered that pet store prices on things could be quite expensive.  We absolutely love her,  Molly, Michael, Francine, and Dan* These two puppies are sisters and even though they are not in the same home. They both have a treasure of love surrounding their lives. May you both receive many years of love and memories from you new additions. God Blessed you and thanks for keeping in touch.

August  08's Feature Family


We have been married for 28 year and have no children. Our life had always been very active. We reached a point in our life when we felt a void. We decided to get a Shih Tzu puppy, after extensive research and seeing a calendar at the mall just before Christmas 2007. We did not know it at the time, but he would be the best present, we have ever given ourselves for Christmas.We found your website in an advertisement in the local penny-saver. This was a very serious undertaking on our part and we where somewhat fearful of the whole concept of having a puppy, especially since neither of us had ever owned a dog. We also hoped we where not making a mistake on breed of the dog. Wanting to do the right thing, Dana signed us up for a puppy class. He has graduated from beginners and gone from intermediate to advance. Everyone who meets, Niko falls in love with him, people have commented on not likening little dogs; until they met him. He is not a yippy dog, loves children and is such a gentle creature. We take him just about everywhere with us.   The happiness he has brought into our home and lives is beyond our wildest expectations. It is increditable the love we have for him. Both of our families are also hopelessly in love with him. Niko brings a joy and lifts up our spirits of the elderly parents when we visit. You said he was a clown and he has lived up to it. Yesterday, he jumped into my sister’s pool by himself for the first time. We bought him a life vest and are planning on camping with him also. He was so easy to house train and lets us know when he wants to go out. He even loved pouncing in the snow this past winter. We can not imagine our lives with out Niko and how empty it would be. He is part of our family. Thank you, Laura for bringing into our lives what we conceder the “THE MOST WONDERFUL DOG IN THE WHOLE WORLD” Dana and Maria Mrzlikar, Utica, NY                  Thank you too, for all the love you give to my babies.

                       June 08's Feature Family

                   Lord Bentley     

Hi Laura, I wanted to finally get back to you and let you know how (Milton) Bentley (Lord Bentley of Hendrick) is doing.  I can’t tell you how much our family loves having him.  He is like a little angel and was a perfect match for my noisy house with 3 kids and a large Lab.  He immediately took to my oldest son and follows mommy around the whole house which I love.  He is extremely loving and intelligent.  From the very beginning he held his urine all night and when I take him outside he knows what he is supposed to do.  He plays fetch and comes immediately when I call him and I never had to work at that.  Needless to say I am in total awe of his abilities and just how precious he is.  We can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave us via email while picking out a puppy and when we arrived at your home.  We hope your family has a wonderful Holiday season and God Bless.  We will definitely be back someday for a brother or sister for our little guy.  Take care,

Nikki, Jim, Cole, Ana, Gabe, Thunder & Bentley Growhoski

 Hi Laura,  Bentley has been doing wonderful.  We love him soooooooooo much and feel so blessed that we found a great breeder to give us an outstanding addition to our home.  The vets can’t believe how sweet he is.  They say they usually have problems with small dogs in the way of temperament but he is so cooperative and gentle and they’ve asked if we have done training but we haven’t yet it’s just him (which I constantly say is from great breeding).  I hope all is well with you and yours and I occasionally look at your site at the new puppies and all of them are so adorable we will see you again some day.   

   May's 08 Feature Family

              * Ruby  *

      I absolutely love her personality. She is sooo smart. Brett has definitely warmed up to her. She has really stolen his heart…I don’t get kisses from him anymore....She gets all of them. She is defiantly already spoiled. Thank you so much for everything you have done. I truly feel very blessed to have Ruby in my life and had such a wonderful experience with you.

             "She is everything I had hoped for and much, much more"

    Ruby is doing fabulous. She really has the cutest personality. I’m so lucky to have her. Thank you so much for the best baby in the world. I think she looks just like her dad. Let me know what you think! Oh yeah     Yes, that’s a Sonshine Sonny Face…Makes me want to kiss the screen. Sonny's first litter!

     Ruby is doing great and is spoiled rotten.  (I don't know how it happened! he he) I know you are busy but I wanted to show you what a beautiful little girl you gave me.      Thanks again, Melissa Mc Neilly  Thanks for all the appreciation, lots of work went into giving you a Beauty. Glad to see the long hair, "I love it".  XXX OOO

 April's 08 Feature Family
          ~ Chewie & Luke ~
Thought you'd like to know that Chewie is doing great! 
He's such a well behaved little boy.  He loves to play 
and run around the house.  He sleeps about 6 hours at 
night before he needs a bathroom break. 
 He's eating well and gaining weight.  
His favorite thing every morning is a tummy rub! 
      His potty training was so easy -hardly any accidents. 
He even behaves during his bath, and sits patiently while we 
blow dry him.Everyone is asking where we got such a handsome 
little devil, so I've been handing out your web page like crazy!  
I'll be sure to send more photos as he gets older. Thanks so much 
for everything. He was the perfect addition to our home.		
	Mackenzie and Derek  (Mohawk)
       "One is never enough, second Sonshine Shih Tzu"

    Luke is potty trained, he's only had a few accidents.  He sleeps through the night and he LOVES Chewie!  At first Chewie was afraid of him, but after a week he's come around.  He's very interested in him now.  He even trys to wake him up if Luke is napping.  Luke is the very opposite of how Chewie was at that age.  Luke is not afraid of anything, he is always exploring.  Chewie was more timid and needy, Luke is independent.  He's perfectly fine playing with his toys, and he's fine in his kennel.  He has a hearty appetite, he's very interested in whatever Chewie is eating and he wants some too! We have our hands full and we love every minute of it!!!  Thanks for everything - Derek and Mackenzie                       

                    March 08's Feature Family 

                     ~ I Love my Pumpkin ~

Actually everyone loves Pumpkin! You should have kept her, but soooo glad you didn't!!!!!!!!      She's my baby!!

Yes, Kenny plays with her and hugs her,

which is a miracle! He really loves her, all my neighbors love her.
She is so cute... Oh my goodness the way she raises her paws is
the cutest thing! She's like human with those paws. I sent a couple of
pictures, when I figure out how to do this I'll send more.
Hope puppy breeding is going well. Did you sell all the pups from the new litter? God Bless!   ~Susan 

   ~ Cupcake (2) ~

Special Update   Pumpkins has a sister, " Cupcake". She is to cute in her pink swim wear.  What a lovely pair.

                LOVE HER ! 

                  February 08's Feature Family

        ~Panda Boy ~  So Adorably Photogenic...But I feel a little foolish

We adore him and he loves us. He is also quite a character.

Hi Laura,

   Panda Boy (Appaloosa)  has made a wonderful addition to our household. He loves to play with our other 2 dogs and us. He seems to know he is the baby and is an adventure for all of us.      We find him to be intelligent and as frisky as they come. Our family is totally in love with him and we enjoy him immensely. I can not believe he is almost 5 months already. He weighs in at 10 pounds and his groomer and vet can't get over how thick his coat is. My husband calls him handsome. Our friends are all big fans of his too.

 I wish I had room for a whole bunch more! Micki Losurdo

                                  January 08 's Feature Family    

               Zeus, Shadow and Stormy

      Our Shih Tzus are family!  They bring joy, love and warmth to everyone that meets our furry kids.  You should see it when the twins are here. It is a riot to see them all together playing with one another. Our living room  is over flowing with doggie toys. Even, our groomer, just loves it when they visit, he wants one too. "The Beaches"       ~ Bows & Buttons ~


"The twins are doing great.  They do everything together"

"Just like potato chips, one is never enough" These two are never apart. They sleep, eat and play together. while sleeping they are head to tail. Could not imagine separating them. They are part of each others life and a big part of ours. Thanks we love them.

Tootsie's Twins (2005) Buttons and Bows

Update '08 ...In reference to your questions concerning Jeffrey Miller, we have known Jeffrey for over 10 years. We have purchased five Shih Tzus from this breeder. The four females and one male were in excellent health, had all the necessary shots and all the paperwork was received when we picked up the dogs. The paper work included information concerning Shih Tzu breed characteristics, etc.
    We have visited the breeder's kennel three times and found it to be clean and organized. There were several adult females and adult males in the kennel and a couple of litters of cute little puppies with their mothers in a separate area which is part of the house. 
    Three of our Shih Tzus live with my niece's family and two live with my wife and me. We are not breeders but can highly recommend Jeffrey Miller of Sonshine Shih Tzu and would certainly purchase from him again. Sincerely yours,
                                  Edward (Delaware, Dewy Beach)


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