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December Feature Family
I just want to share some Christmas photos with you. These 2 are Maya (sweetheart) and Romeo (Obsession) born to Sonny and Breeze on July 8, 2010. They are amazing dogs and are a big part of our family.
 I have also attached a picture of Zara (Kismet) born to Sonny and Love on July 22 2011. She is about 3 months in the photo. She is an amazing puppy!! She is an extremely calm and easy going puppy who loves her mommy :)  My boyfriend and I bought her back in October and will most likely add onto the pack in the future.
Hope all is well......Haley  Did any one ever tell you the more the merrier :)  Love the pictures, thanks

November Feature Family

~ Everhart ~

I guess I have known about Laurie all my life...my aunt is married to her uncle (Uncle Ned).  When my daughter was younger Uncle Ned thought it would be a good idea for her to have a little dog.  Laurie's mom Anne had a litter which lead to us to.....
Zeus..age 9
This little rascal started it all.  He has been Mr. Personality since day one.  ..but did not bond with my daughter.  My guy's guy husband who never had a dog under 60lbs fell under his spell. They have been best friends.  Zeus  just went to the vet and has a clean bill of health.  We have never had a major health issue with him.
The twins  Buttons and Bows ages 6 and 6 :0)
Laurie had called Uncle Ned to tell him of the news that one of her litters had a set of twins in it.  She didn't want to break up the two and wanted to know if I was interested. so off to Syracuse we went and boy did I fall in love!!
Both of them are in great health...but their tear ducts tend to get clogged and Bows snores.  According to our vet these ares a very common issue  because their noses are so close to their faces. 
Bailey age 5
I was surfing Laurie's great website and found Bailey....and once again fell in love.  I knew from the very beginning that Bailey was partially blind...but did not know until we got her home that she was deaf as well... The vet calls her a "special needs" dog but I wouldn't dare call her that......She can see the squirrels in the yard and is not afraid to tell them who is boss and she might have partial hearing for certain tones or vibrations.  She also has just been to the vet and gotten a clean bill of health.

My four have not experienced dry eye...As I mentioned above about the twins their tear ducts tend to get clogged or weep  and I have to be very careful that their hair does not grow in that area.  We have all four dogs groomed
every three weeks and I have their hair trimmed around their faces which takes care of the problem.  I do not have top knots on any of the dogs..they look more like rock and rollers :0)  As for skin rashes, Zeus has developed oilier skin in his old age...but proper grooming takes care of that problem as well...and Zeus was from a totally different line of dogs...we got him when Laurie's mom was the breeder..    The only problem which is not really a problem is that they tend to be picky eaters....but I am pretty sure we (or should I say my husband) might be the cause of that problem.

Laurie and her family are very dedicated to having healthy and happy dogs.  I think Laurie has a few on her website from the 1st reunion. ( add to page)

I hope I have answered your questions...I know if you get a dog from Sonshine Shih-tzu you will have a wonderful dog that will fill you life with joy and happiness.  They have brought us great fun and have made great companions!
On 11/20/11 9:41 PM,  Thanks so much! "Dina"

October Feature Family


 is doing wonderful!

We love her and she is so smart!

She can sit, lay down, shake, and high five.


September Feature Family


Just wanted to let you know how Bugatti is doing.  He was an angel on the ride home.  He barely made any noise, didn't get sick, and waited to get home to use the bathroom, we stopped a couple of time to give him the opportunity but he probably didn't feel comfortable.     He is playing and starting to get used to the house.  He loves his little ball you gave him, i think it is his favorite. He is using the pee pad really well, so no major accidents yet!  He is very curious about the cats.  He of course wants to play with them, but they just want to be left alone and sleep. However, Bugatti was crying last night, and one of the cats went to check on him, very cute.  He definitely has us wrapped around his little paw.

August  Feature Family


& Lola

Best Shih Tzu...


get the Best Cake....


They even had cup cakes that looked like them one year!

July's 2011 Feature- (Mom's)  Savior's Showcase 

"Anne's Puppies"   Anne- The beginning

Anne will be Missed But the name will go on, threw her daughter!  

" A mothers love will never fade" Passed on June 24, 2011. A Shih Tzu love will  never fades."This was my moms last wish, To have people enjoy and find love in her Shih Tzu."

 I am very thankful for our relationship. My mom, Anne, has taught me the value of life. That life with out a Shih Tzu would be unbearable for me. "We have a  the great reputation and 43 years of experience;  it all started from my mom, Anne's Puppies. Her whole life has been dedicated to her love for the Lord and this wonderful Shih Tzu Line.  

  Since my mom was a breeder all my life. Shih Tzu where around always.  Everyone should have a  faithful friend; to hug, hold and cherished memory for a life time together.

 A Sonshine Shih Tzu is an Anne's puppy.   Sonshine Shih Tzu is in upstate, New York by Syracuse....Where Anne is originally from; but now she is with her Lord and Savior. Sonshine Shih Tzu only raise happy, affectionate and healthy dogs. I am a Shih Tzu specialist and I learned it all from the best.     ANNE'S PUPPIES started raising these puppies and Sonshine Shih Tzus will continue to bring you Quality A.K.C., Healthy, Toy, Shih Tzus from Champion Lines. 

  Anne is in the middle flowered dress holding hands with her 2 nd husband. Anne was like a school girl falling in love with John Ed, It was a great site to see.   Anne will be Missed   

June's 2011   Feature Family

If it works out that we are available in the afternoon - we will bring 'Cuse (AKA Geneva) down.

He is such a good boy.  Good natured and a great little companion.  He attended his first overnight soccer tournament in May...staying in his first hotel and then being a super boy watching and hanging out with the soccer families.  He is incredible....though he can be a bit bullying, but we are working on that one.  He tries to be the boss of the house at times, but our 7-year-old German Shepard takes exception to that.

So Cute!!!!!

May's 2011   Feature Family


Just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful little boy. He did good on the car ride home didn't throw up or poop he cried here and there but he would stop. Once we got home he smelled the area and cried a little when we put him in the crate but he slept all night till 5 am. I fed him and he ate everything and as soon as he finished he gave me a nice burp he is very playful and he likes to climb up and lay on my chest and snuggle his head in my neck. Again I want to thank you for him! Here's a picture of him playing with a plush.

Ashley Torres

April's 2011   Feature Family

Romeo & Maya

My sister and I purchased 2 puppies from you (Sweetheart and Adore) this past fall. They are absolutely adorable!!! It is funny how different their personalities are! Sweetheart (now Maya) is very sassy, independent and very funny. Adore (now Romeo) is the definition of a lap dog, a little more nervous but a true true lover. Anyway I wanted to thank you for such great puppies! I have noticed a lot of similarities with Sonny and Maya and I was wondering if you were planning on having more puppies with Sonny in the next year or so?

I have attached some pictures of Maya! Thanks

March's 2011   Feature Family
~ Molly ~
Just a quick note to tell you how much we love Loretta/Molly and she is just a joy to have. . She has turned out to be the perfect little girl. She was so easy to potty train, just as mellow as can be and has made an excellent companion for our Mika. I am attaching a photo of our "girls" out in the chaise in Florida. They love it down here.
I have had them on  Royal Canine Puppy 33 and just this week the local pet store suggested we try adding to add Bil Jac for small breed because they seem to be getting very finicky eaters. I give them baked sweet potatoes and boiled carrots along with Churpi Chews and Snook's dehydrated sweet potatoes and a Premium Plus Chewy Bites from Doctors Foster and Smith for the skin and coat. Of course, Richard gives them Bill Jac's and Zukes chicken strips for treats. Any advice or suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. And again, Molly is just our pride and joy. She is just wonderful and we could have found a better companion for our family. We bought a RV so we can take them with us wherever we go.
PS. Both our Shih Tzus are females and just love Richard so I tease him in that I'm going to call Laura and get me a little boy so he'll bond with me. I know they love me also but when he walks in it's all over for me. I got to your web site frequently to look at the new additions. It's a struggle to resists the urge to get another one. When we do it will definitely be with Annespuppies.
I hope you and your family are well and had a good winter.
 Kindest regards,  Susan Barnett      
February's 2011   Feature Family

~Chia ~

 Happy New Year!!!!
Just wanted to let you know that Chia (peace) is doing great she is 6 months old now she weighs a little over 6lbs. She has such a sweet disposition everyone who meets her loves her as we do. She is such a great gal!!! She and my son are best buddies she wakes him up every morning for school with a gentle lick on the face. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family!!!
Hope all is well. I have included recent pics of her. Angela Abbott

January's 2011   Feature Family

~ Buddy & Daisy ~

How quickly time flies by! Buddy and Daisy just turned 2 years old this month, January 2011! We can't thank you enough for the 2 most beautiful, precious pieces of Sunshine Shih-Tzu puppies we were blessed to get from you!

Buddy absolutely loves his Daisy and Daisy 100% loves her Buddy!

      I can't tell you how much they make us laugh when they play inside the house and outside in the yard. They are stunning!! We're so happy we got 2 pups instead of one. I can't see them without each other. They are the most loving and cuddling pair. They are very social and communicate when they want to go out! Talk about lap dogs, they love to sleep on our laps, stomach or chest when we're on the couch watching TV or reading! Thank you again and we are so happy we made that decision to visit and purchase our pups from you!  

God Bless,  Dave & Christina Noriega
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